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Creative Developer


AI Crofty

A realtime commentator/race engineer for F1 23 by sending UDP packet data through OpenAI and TiktokTTS, with a Discord bot interface

Game Dev

AI Croft- F1 Game Commentator that provides commentary in realtime

I built a pipeline that takes UDP packet data meant for steering wheels, converts it into TypeScript objects, then translates it into natural language with a tuned prompt that gets sent to gpt-3.5-turbo (finetuning in the future?). Finally, gets sent to Tiktok’s open TTS api, which is then ffmpeg'd and piped into a discord bot which controls settings and reports race results.
First demo was done in one night, then tested and tuned over a race league with my friends.
Full in-depth overview and open sourcing are my next steps.

Demo (Funny Moment)

Video preview
Built by Michal with Next.js/Tailwind/Framer Motion.