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Project Mountaintop

A rhythm game revolving around the concept of hiking!

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Project Mountaintop

Introducing Project Mountaintop!
Alongside Abigail Schefer, who made the amazing bespoke physical controllers, we built a rhythm game revolving around the concept of hiking!
This was our Creative Tech & Design capstone and was shown off at the ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder during ATLAS Expo '23.
An entire "rhythm engine" was built on top of Unity. This allowed us to use any song and create a level for it within the game using MIDI information- which would allow music artists to easily create a level within their DAW without having to spend hours in a dedicated level editor.
The physical controls were built on an Arduino system, and an interfacing script was developed for Unity to be able to read inputs, as well as negate any input-based delay so that scoring would remain accurate.
Overall, it turned out to be a huge hit as an in-person attraction, which was the main design goal for the experience, and a great learning opportunity for utilizing Unity's lesser-known capabilities. It was also fun designing the UI/UX and writing the title theme. With more time, I would have loved to add some polish, especially to the 3D animations and VFX, but I'm glad to have delivered a memorable experience.
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Progress Blog

I maintained a roughly maintained progress blog for this project. Please check it out
Built by Michal with Next.js/Tailwind/Framer Motion.